Robert. J. Corry, Jr. is a Colorado-based attorney and litigator admitted to practice law in Colorado, California, and the District of Columbia, specializing in criminal defense, civil litigation, and civil rights.  Mr. Corry has represented criminally accused in cases involving homicide, sex crimes, assault, fraud, forgery, financial white collar, identity theft, conspiracy, organized crime, gang-related, correctional, drugs, robbery, burglary, theft, domestic violence, DUI/DWAI, juvenile, child abuse, parole and probation, and others.  Clients include business owners, physicians, attorneys, elected officials, government employees, police officers, professional athletes, medal-winning Olympians, farmers, growers, patients, political activists, and others.  Mr. Corry has tried and won more medical marijuana-related cases than all other Colorado attorneys combined.
In 2010, “5280 Magazine” named Mr. Corry one of “Denver’s Fifty Most Influential Powerbrokers” for building Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Industry, and for his consistent and sustained successful advocacy inside and outside of courtrooms, legislative corridors, and the court of public opinion.  Mr. Corry is the only attorney in Colorado who has beaten the government and won both civil rights litigation protecting medical marijuana patients and criminal cases defending patients and caregivers.  Mr. Corry won jury trials for numerous patients and caregivers accused of criminal violations related to the medical use of marijuana.  Mr. Corry assembled and led a team of attorneys who sued and struck down Colorado’s five patient limit for caregivers, thus ushering in the modern dispensary industry.
Mr. Corry has represented and advised numerous business leaders in Colorado’s newest and most exciting industry. Mr. Corry’s previous positions include service as Committee Counsel to the United States House of Representatives Judiciary Committee in Washington, D.C. and civil rights litigation in California.  Mr. Corry can represent clients marijuana interests in all 50 states, not just Colorado.
Mr. Corry earned his Juris Doctor at Stanford University School of Law, and also holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado-Boulder.  In his spare time, Mr. Corry enjoys skiing, hiking, camping, bicycling, and reading.