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Marijuana Law

Marijuana Law

Experience is key if you have been charged with a Marijuana related crime. We can represent clients marijuana interests in all 50 states, not just Colorado.

Criminal Defense

When you’re facing criminal charges, whether related to drugs, violent crime, assault, vandalism or a wide range of other offenses, you need an attorney you can trust to protect your rights and explore all your legal options.

Business Law

The firm has opened and consulted with hundreds of businesses over the past 20 years, and stands ready to assist you with your business needs from both a business consulting perspective, and a legal perspective.

Administrative Law

Administrative law involves many different types of governmental legal procedures and regulations. Get expert advice from our attorneys when maneuvering through these complicated proceedings.

Criminal Appeals

If you have been convicted of a crime, you have a number of options for seeking relief from the criminal justice system. Our attorneys know the process, including filing an appeal to have a criminal conviction overturned or even a sentence reduced.

Civil Litigation

Do you feel your rights have been trampled on? Discuss your case with attorneys that are committed to upholding your Constitutional rights within a legal system that works for the people.

Let us fight for You.

Are your rights being violated? Are you facing criminal charges? Discover what it means to have knowledge and experience on your side.

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